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What are the uses of Viton Rubber Sheets?

The rubber industry has a prominent role to play in many major industries. With all the types of rubber varieties available in the market, multiple requirements are fulfilled. These rubbers not only helps in the manufacturing of products but also have important roles to play in machinery and equipment. Till now we have discussed on topics covering different uses of rubber and items made out of it. In this article, we will discuss; What is Viton rubber, its features, and uses of Viton rubber sheets.

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What are Viton Rubber Sheets?

Viton rubber sheets are widely popular in many industries. It is one of the most used rubber components. Viton rubber is basically a synthetic rubber sheet. However, a material like Fluoropolymer Elastomer is also used and combined with synthetic rubber, in order to produce highly flexible and durable Viton rubber sheets. Due to this combination, the demand of Viton rubber sheet is quite high, as it is used in different applications.

Features of Viton Rubber

Viton Rubber sheets are one of the most useful and reliable rubber types, that is used in many industries. This type of sheets has a set of quality that makes them a choice over other options. Let us discuss some of the appealing features of Viton rubber sheets, that makes it stand out of the crowd.

  • Durable in nature
  • Temperature and heat resistant
  • It has high elasticity
  • It has low burning characteristics
  • Have great mechanical properties

Uses of Viton Rubber sheets

Viton rubber sheets are very useful and many industries have been using this material for a very long time. It has many uses which constantly ensures and give proof of the capacity of Viton rubber sheets. It is mainly used to stop leakage. Here are a few common reasons or uses of Viton rubber sheets which gives solid proof of the flexibility and durability of the material.

1.For Chemical Resistance

Viton rubber sheets provide very good very resistance from chemicals. There are many liquid components that contain alkaline as well as the harsh mineral acids like hydrocarbons. Now it is important to know that these hydrocarbons are either aromatic or aliphatic in nature. These acids affect the machinery, as well as accidental spillage, could be dangerous. So, using Viton Rubber sheets can provide better sealing protection and hence resistance from harmful as well as mild chemicals.

2.For Temperature Resistance

Temperature plays a key role in the manufacturing of a lot of things. The production of many materials might get affected if the temperature is at its extreme. Many industries prefer using Viton rubber sheets, as they provide sealing and has a great resistance capacity that can easily withstand the temperature. These sheets are capable to resist temperature of -40 degrees Celsius up to +250 degrees Celsius. The materials and products that are made up of Viton rubber sheets do not get affected by extreme climate and the shape and size remain the same.

3.As an Oil Resistant

When it comes to any kind of liquid, that is either being used in industry or being manufactured, there is always a fear of spillage. In different industries, a variety of liquids are used for different purposes. However, oil is among the most valuable liquid components that are used widely all over the world. Viton rubber sheets help in sealing the machinery, containers etc to stop the spill of oil. This not only helps in saving hazardous accidents like fire breakout but also saves the non-renewable resource.

Apart from this, Viton is equally reliable for sealing and resisting leakage of other petrol-based products like petrol, diesel or LPG gas.

4.Automotive and Aerospace Industry

There are many uses of Viton rubber sheets in Aerospace as well as Automotive industries all over the world. Aircraft require perfect sealing and leakage-proof system. In this situation, Viton rubber sheets are a very big help. These sheets are used for a number of purposes like O-ring series, valve stem seals, valve liners, etc. They are also used in ducts, fuel house, etc.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Automotive Industry, the uses of Viton rubber is limitless. This industry majorly focuses on the different automobiles and so, it uses Viton rubber sheets on a major level. This material is used for diaphragms, electrical connectors, clips for jet engines etc.

5.For Heavy Machines

All the industries have heavy hydraulic machines and equipment which allows the manufacturing process to take place smoothly. The uses of Viton rubber sheets are not just limited to a few industries. But as a reliable material, it has been used in almost all types of industries. When it comes to heavy machines and equipment, there is a need for elasticity that allows the smooth working of the machines. These machines often require rubber sheets. One of the important uses of Viton rubber sheets is to provide flexibility to the machines and equipment to work properly.


The rubber industry is huge and the uses of Viton rubber sheets are not limited. These sheets are also used to manufacture gaskets, O-rings, and many other materials that are used in day-to-day life. It is one of the most reliable rubber-type available in the market and the advantages of Viton rubber sheets are uncountable. At Sigma International, we deal with providing Gaskets, Viton Rubber Sheets, EPDM sheets etc.

We are here to help you fulfil your purpose, guide and educate you about the various rubber types that we deal with. In the next few articles, we will talk about other rubber types and their uses. We hope this will help you prioritize your requirements and help you achieve your goals.

Thank You.

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