What are the uses of Rubber Seal?

Rubber is a very common component which is used for numerous purposes. It has become one of the most demanding industrial materials due to its amazing features. Rubber is used for the manufacturing of several other products that are also used in different industrial sectors. Out of all the rubber-made products, rubber seals are very popular and used widely throughout the world. From your house to an industry, you might find many products mage-up of rubber. Now, Rubber seal uses are quiet wide and uncountable.

Let us talk about the types of rubber seal uses that are useful in producing new products and helps the industries to work efficiently. These seals are made up of different types of rubbers, which have different features. Each type of rubber is used for the manufacturing of types of seals like O-rings, bush seals etc. Due to a variety of heat resistant and chemical resistant features, these rubber seals are used.

There are three different types of rubber which are used for the manufacturing of seals. These seal types are used widely for different purposes. Some of the types of rubber seals are EPDM seals, NBR seals, FPM seals, Silicone seals, Viton seals, Neoprene seals etc.

Rubber Seal Uses

Rubber seals are used in many day-to-day products. From households to a variety of industries, these products are used for many purposes. In order to serve different purposes, rubber seals are used, however, the rubber material can vary. Although the main purpose of the rubber seals is to provide better sealing and resist any kind of leakage. In this section, we will discuss the various uses of rubber seals.

Uses of EPDM seals

EPDM seals are black on colour. These rubber seals are basically used in order to seal water. The rainwater can affect any place and so EPDM rubber seals are used to seal rainwater. However, when it comes to the wastewater installations, rubber seals are very useful. These seals help in keeping water and oil away from each other and ensures there is no contact. Any water residue in petrol or oil can affect in many different ways. So EPDM seals are very helpful for this purpose. EPDM seals are also used for refrigerated or rooms with the cold environment. EPDM rubber seals are also utilized in the automotive cooling systems as well as in the weather-stripping applications.

Uses of NBR seals

NBR seals are also black in colour however, NBR seals have yellow spots which make it easy to differentiate them from EPDM seals. Although when it comes to the purpose of NBR seals, they do not differ much from EPDM seals. These rubber seals are also used in rainwater and wastewater installations. These seals are also used to cater purposes in gas stations, petrol pumps as well as garages. These seals are very useful for fuel handling applications in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Uses of FPM seals

FPM rubber seals are used for a variety of purposes. These rubber seals are heat as well as oil-resistant. FPM rubber seals provide great protection in extreme weather conditions. They are used to provide resistance from harmful chemicals, acids, and solvents. On the other side, it can also provide resistance to chemicals like acetone, acetate, and methyl alcohol. Although the resistance is quite limited.

Uses of Silicone seals

Silicone rubber seals are generally used in the various applications for the food and beverage industry. These seals help unnecessary spillage of food and drinks, keeping them safe from the outer environment, and saving them from rotting by bacteria and fungus. Apart from the stem sterilization, silicone rubber seals are used in Pharmaceutical environment applications.

Uses of Viton seals

Viton rubber seals are widely used in many industries. These are ideal for Aquatic or Scuba sealing applications. Apart from that, Viton rubber seals are used for automotive fuel applications with usually a high concentration of biodiesel. Viton rubber seals are considered to be very reliable when it comes to the aerospace industry. It is useful for aerospace seal applications and helps in supporting the fuel, lubricant, and hydraulic systems.

Uses of Neoprene seals

Seals made up of Neoprene rubber are used in the aquatic environment applications. These rubber seals are also useful in the electronic industry. These seals are used as water and chemical resistant. Neoprene seals are used in chemical industries.

Rubber seals, bush seals, flange seals etc are some of the seal types which are widely used for household and industrial purposes. There are uncountable uses of these rubber seals. Using them not only makes our life easier in many ways, but these rubber seals are also very useful for industrial purposes as they are also used in many machinery and equipment.

So these were some rubber seals uses that are very important. Next time, we will discuss on another interesting topic. Adios!

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