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What are rubber granules used for?

Bonjour! As the industries are growing day by day, we are getting to know of numerous materials. These are the state-of-the-art materials, used by various factories for different purposes. However, there is always something, that is irreplaceable and has unique uses, which makes that material stand out of the crowd. One such industrial material is rubber. It is among the most used materials in many industries. Name any industry and you will find a variety of ways in which rubber is used. It is like a king level material that has multiple uses.

Due to its multiple uses, rubber has been widely popular in the industrial sector. Many products are created or manufactured from rubber. During the manufacturing of various products, rubber granules are produced. Producing this material is the best way to reuse the leftover rubber, that was once used for many different purposes. Even the old tires can be repurposed in many ways along with being converted into rubber granules. The are multiple uses of rubber granules.

In this blog, we will discuss granules that are made out of vulcanized, leftover rubbers and the various uses of this industrial material.

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Rubber Granules

What are Rubber Granules?

These are basically the recycled form of vulcanized rubber scrap which is crumbled into small pieces or granules. Usually, the size of these granules specifically ranges from 2 to 4 mm. This is one of the best ways to recycle and reuse rubber that might not serve any other purpose. There are innumerable uses of rubber granules in the manufacturing of various components.

Types of Rubber Granules

Different varieties of rubbers can be used for the manufacturing of rubber granules. Industries utilize different varieties of rubbers in order to manufacture products like gaskets, sheets, tires etc. In order to do that, they make use rubber that qualifies different features and properties. Once the job is done, the leftover is used for other purposes. For that, it is important to know the variety of rubbers that can be used to transform leftovers into granules. EPDM rubber granules are also widely popular.

Let’s see what are some other types of rubbers

  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Chloroprene
  • EPR Rubber
  • NBR Rubber
  • Butyl Rubber
  • Neoprene Rubber
  • Fluorosilicone Rubber
  • Urethane Rubber

The uses of Rubber Granules

This material has been playing a vital role in industries in two distinct ways. Firstly, manufacturing Rubber granules is the best way to save the wastage of excessive rubber or leftover rubbers. Secondly, this material is surprisingly used for so many purposes, that too for different industries. Hence, the multiple uses of rubber granules make it a suitable product for a wide variety of applications.

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Here are its major uses of:

Automotive Industry

Rubbers play a vital role in the Automotive Industry and are used for numerous purposes. However, granules are equally important and they are used for the manufacturing of Bumpers, Splash Guards and Fenders. Along with this, this material also helps in the production of Floor Mats that are usually used in cars and trucks. They are also utilized to make Floor Liners for vans and trucks.

Construction Industry

For an industry as vast as the construction, this material is proven to be very useful for various purposes. Rubber granules flooring is very famous in the construction sector and this flooring is generally produced for hospitals and bathroom. On the other hand, this material also comes handy for industrial flooring. Apart from this, they are very useful in manufacturing Floor Tiles. Coloured rubber granules are also used for flooring purposes. One of the most interesting uses of this material is for waterproofing foundations, dam, silo, and roof liners.

Geo-technical Applications

This material is used to rubberized asphalt for roads and driveways. Apart from this, they are ideal to use for drainage pipes, porous irrigation pipes, road building and repair. This material is also very useful for soil conditioning.

Adhesives and Sealants

Rubber is famous for its sealing and anti-leaking properties. Since a variety of rubber granules are made up of different types of rubbers, the diversity unites in providing high-end sealing. Rubber granules are used for textured and non-slip paints, helps in waterproofing. On the other hands, they are used in textured as well as non-slip paints.

Shock Absorption Safety Products

This material is used for minimizing shocks. So it is used to manufacture shock-absorbing pads for rails as well as machinery. On the other hand, this material comes is useful to use as a sound barrier for highways.

Sports Surfaces

This material is used in the manufacturing of Kindergarten Playgrounds, Recreation Areas, Sports Areas, as well as Athletic tracks. In fact, the badminton and tennis courts have the flooring is also made up of rubber granules.

Miscellaneous Uses

Granules of rubber are very important for producing pipe insulation and lining, garbage cans, shoe soles and heels. Along with this, they are also ideal for the manufacturing of wires and cables.

So, we have discussed rubber granules, types and the various uses. Hopefully, by now, you might have understood, why the rubber is a king in various industrial sectors. Due to multiple uses and great properties, this material is popular in different sectors. At Sigma International, we provide high-quality products to fulfil almost every need of our customers.

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