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Types of Rubber Seals

In this article, we will discuss the various types of rubber seals that are prominently used worldwide. The rubber industry is one of the most prominent sectors in the world. The industry has been doing great so far and faces new challenges every day. These challenges help the rubber industry to stay competitive in the industrial sector. As far as now, we have looked into several topics like gaskets, Viton rubber etc.

When it comes to seals, the types vary which generally depends on the types of requirements. Rubber seals are used in various industries, serving numerous purposes. Some seals are used for household purposes, on the other hand, there are significant uses and applications of rubber in the industrial sector.

Table Of Contents

  • O Ring Seals
  • U Ring Seals
  • V-Ring Seals
  • Rotary oil seals
  • Clearance Seals

Spring installed seals

Clearance seals

O Ring Seals

The o ring is a type of seal which has an incredibly wide us around the globe. As the name implies, O rings are doughnut-shaped rubber seals. The O ring seals are used for several applications. O rings are used to provide a better solution to leakage. These leak-proof seals prevent any kind of unwanted leakage of liquid or gases. O rings are also used in high-pressure environments and are capable to adjust in extreme temperature. O rings are commonly used in cylinders, valves, pumps, machinery, equipment etc and provide a versatile solution to leakage issues.

U Ring Seals

U ring seals are among the most used multipurpose seals. These seals are popularly used for industrial purposes and can be fitted on piston or rod. U ring seals have impeccable sealing properties, stops gas or liquid leakage, and prevents two components from mixing. These U ring seals also offer excellent resistance properties. The U ring seals offer high-performance and are manufactured in L-39 polyurethane. U ring seals are widely recommended to be used with hydraulic fluids and oils, lubrication oils, along with HFA, HFB fluids etc. U ring seals are beneficial in the simple method of assembly and disassembly and have excellent resistance qualities.

V-Ring Seals

V-ring seals are basically solid rubber seals made up of elastomer. These rubber seals are very easy to install and can be stretched, which mean V rings are highly flexible. Based on the size, V rings can also be pushed over components like flanges, pulleys etc. V-ring has a valuable characteristic which makes it a prominent name in the rubber seal industry.

V rings are very helpful when used on shafts providing a very tight but flexible seal. It helps prevents shafts from dirt, moisture and any type of unwanted components from entering fluid seals. It also prevents from watery pollutants but at the same time. It is also used to protect bearings on paper mills, cement mills, machine tools, rolling mills, agricultural, and mining equipment etc.

Rotary oil seals

Rotary rubber seals are commonly used in those components that have rotating or oscillating parts. The Rotary seals help to maintain lubrication and keep it in, simultaneously preventing the liquids from water and mud components. There is a high range of applications when it comes to the uses of Rotary seals. It is very useful in preventing lubricants in rotary shaft equipment from dirt, water as well as other harmful particles. It is safe and protects bearings of the rotating shafts too.

Clearance Seals

Out of the many different types of rubber seals, Clearance seals are also very popular. The clearance seals are widely useful on rotary shafts. These seals make the rotation or oscillation easy and smooth. It also provides solutions to leakages, however, when in isolation, it might not act as an efficient barrier to leakage. Although, the clearance rubber seal is also used because of its amazing properties. With very low friction and high speed, it is a valuable asset in many industries.

Apart from this, it provides effective protection to the components. These rubber seals are also available in with different properties that vary from simple clearance seals to specially engineered clearance seals. With quality and purpose, the cost may also vary. Clearance seals are highly engineered designs for turbomachinery as well as high-speed spindles.

All of the rubber seals are manufactured in order to serve different purposes. These rubber seals are very effective and efficient. These industrial products are very helpful in the prevention of leakage or spillage of harmful liquids, gases, and also provides prevention from the mixing of two components.

At Sigma International, we provide high-quality rubber seals and the types of seals, which can offer high flexibility and scalability. Our rubber seals are made up of eminent quality materials, to ensure the safety of machinery, equipment and many other materials. Rubber seals serve a wide range of industries and help in day-to-day work.

Soon, we will be back with some more interesting articles on the rubber industry. Till then stay glued. Adios.

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