O RIng Uses and Types

O rings are one of the commonly used materials in various manufacturing industries. These are either made up of rubber or metal and can be used to fulfil several purposes. O rings are among the most productive industrial materials. Due to the impeccable quality and features, these are used for several applications. O rings not only provide tight sealing and excellent packing, but these are also highly flexible and have great tolerance. On the other hand, O rings are light-weighted, compact in size, and can be reused if necessary. In this blog, we will discuss O ring uses, O ring applications, and O ring types.

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What Are O Rings?

O rings are one of the most common products used in many industries. O rings are seals of gaskets, which are used to prevent leakage of gases and fluids. Versatile in nature, o rings have low cost and the production process is quite simpler. Unlike any other product, these are easily installed and can resist pressure and extreme temperature.

O Ring Uses

O rings are extremely useful industrial materials and many different sectors use these rings for multiple purposes. If we talk about the numerous applications of O rings, then we can conclude that the O rings are used in almost all the major industries. So, what are o rings used for? Let’s have a look at the different manufacturing industries which uses O rings.

Transportation Industry

O rings play a vital role in the transportation industry. Heavy and large vehicles and automotive are used by this industry to serve for different purposes. O ring uses in the transportation industry are wide and crucial.

Goods and passenger automotive for example; heavy-duty trucks, buses, and aerospace requires highly robust products. Due to the heat, these automotive are exposed to extreme temperature. On the other hand the heavy-duty engines in these automotive start vibrations. Therefore O rings are required to keep the machinery working quite and smooth.

Medical Industry

O rings are very crucial for the medical industry. The products which are used for medical purposes require great precision and safety. O rings made up of rubber are used in this industry. O ring uses and applications include syringes, pumps, filtrations as well as connectors. However, for this, specially made FDA grade O rings are required.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is another crucial sector that deals with manufacturing several products. O ring uses in the electronic industry generally involves semiconductor processing as well as dust protection. The electronic items which are manufactured to serve the consumers require o rings. O ring uses in this industry are required to be manufactured in a clean environment. At the same time, these o rings should be particulate as well as containment-free.

Oil And Gas Industry

This is one of the major industries where o ring uses are in high demand. Oil and gas industry tends to use high-quality o rings for the manufacturing of products. O ring uses in the oil and gas industry involves products like valves, gas pumps, dispensers, fittings as well as storage tanks. O rings are used as sealing solutions for these products to stop leakage of gas and oil.

O rings help in avoiding spillage of oils and toxic chemicals. This industry utilizes o rings that are made up of special compounds like peroxide, triazine-cured perfluoro elastomers. O ring uses involves chemical and heat resistance.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is one of the most important industries of all time. O ring uses in this industry involves sealing while the food processing takes place. On the other hand, o ring uses also involves sealing canned food to keep it fresh and safe from fungus and bacteria. O tings are also used for speciality 3A sanitary, water service and NSF-61. This material is also considered ideal for beverage dispensing, water filtration, and helps in avoiding spillage.

O Ring Types

O rings are generally made up of metals and rubber. However, the rubber industry has been serving many other sectors in different ways. O ring uses in these industries also depends on the type of rings. There are several types of o rings which are made up of a variety of rubbers. Let’s take a look at that.

  • Nitrile (Buna-N): This type of rubber o rings are suited for general purpose sealing like water, petroleum oils, and hydraulic fluids. These o rings can work under extreme temperature.
  • Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR): Generally used for sealing hydraulic fluids like Skydrol. On the other hand, these are useful for sealing water, steam, brake fluids, silicone oils, and alcohol. The aerospace industry harness the power of EPR o rings in hydraulic pumps.
  • Fluorocarbon (Viton): Generally used to seal silicone fluids, petroleum oils, acids, gases as well as halogenated hydrocarbons. Viton o rings are very versatile in nature and are used in automotive industries, chemical processing, and appliance industries.
  • Neoprene: These o rings are used to seal refrigerants in for refrigeration and in air conditioner units. Also used for resisting spillage of petroleum oils, acids, and silicate ester lubricants.
  • Polyurethane: This type of o rings are used for hydraulic fittings, valves, pneumatic tools, cylinders, and firearms. This material has good compression and heat resistance.
  • Silicone: These are generally used for sealing steam, water, and petroleum units. High-temperature fuel injection ports also use silicone o rings.
  • FFKM: These o rings provide high-temperature and chemical resistance. FFKM o rings are used for oil and gas sealing. On the other hand, these come handy for medical applications, food, and beverages.
  • Ethylene Propylene (EPDM): These are suitable for sealing petroleum and fuel. EPDM o rings are also used in food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

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