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O rings are important industrial material. Generally, they are seals, used in manufacturing industries. Sigma International is a leading O ring supplier and exporter. We provide superior quality O rings to our clients across the globe. Our services and products are trusted by our local and international clients.

We take pride in gaining customer loyalty. We are also a recognized O ring manufacturer. Our company is backed by a team of experts. Their industry experience helps us to manufacture high-quality O rings. We have a capable and talented team. They have ample experience of application of rubber compounding. Our talented professionals have expertise in designing rubber products.

Above all, we follow all the standard protocols for production. At the same time, we continue our research and follow industry updates. Technology is very important to us. We use fresh and new techniques for production. Our firm focuses on the efficiency of machinery. So we use high-tech machines to increase our productivity.

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O Ring Supplier in Nagpur

We are an authentic O ring supplier in India. Our firm offers the best O ring seal. We also provide flat O rings and fuel O rings. Our O rings go through many quality checks. 

Since we offer O rings of best quality and design. Hence, our focus is on the precision and accuracy of the product. We use the best quality raw material for the manufacturing process. Besides, we render O rings at affordable prices.

Our company is a leading O ring supplier. Our objective is to cater to our clients’ needs. Since our clients also have different requirements, we strive to fulfill them. We always focus on rendering the best quality O rings.

We assure the safety of the product during manufacturing. We test all the raw materials before production takes place. Our team confirms the quality testing and signals green light. Once a sample is ready, we test it again. After experts discussion and thorough testing, we start manufacturing.

o ring supplier
o ring supplier in Nagpur

What is an O Ring?

An O ring or rubber O ring is basically a round-shaped mechanical gasket. Patented in 1896, it is ideal for sealing and packing. It also prevents the passage of gases and liquids. Moreover, the design of O ring play an important role. It can be compressed to provide better sealing. 

O rings are small parts of big machinery. However, one cannot underestimate the importance of this product. Even the smallest seals can handle high amount of pressure. Therefore, it is also one of the vital sealing products.

O Rings Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing of O rings is relatively a simple process. Due to constant design, it is easy to manufacture. There are a number of techniques to produce O rings. For example,

  • Compression Moulding
  • Injection Moulding
  • Transfer Moulding
  • Vulcanisation

There is also a broad range of materials available to manufacture O rings. However, it is tricky to choose the right material. Materials like Nitrile, Silicone, Fluorocarbons, etc are also used to produce O rings. Although, rubber and elastomers are the common materials. 

The choice of material also depends on the requirements. Specific materials provide specific functionality. However, we manufacture O rings using rubber.

Types of O Rings

There exist a variety of O rings. However, not all are made up of same material.

  • Viton O rings
  • Nitrile or Nuna-N O rings
  • Neoprene O rings
  • Silicone O rings
  • Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) O rings
  • PTFE O rings
  • Polyurethane O rings
  • Vulcanised O rings


  • Provides tight sealing.

  • Also provides excellent packing.

  • Very flexible.

  • High tolerance.

  • Handles high-pressure and temperature.

  • O rings are lightweight.

  • Compact in size.

  • O rings are reusable.

  • Suitable for silicone and hydraulic fluids.


  • They are used in chemical processing.

  • Also suitable for automotive and appliance applications.

  • Suitable for machinery heat and pressure.

  • Used in paint guns.

  • O rings are ideal for automotive steering devices.

  • For sealing refrigerants in Air conditioners.

  • For refrigeration units.

  • O rings are also used in the aerospace industry.

  • For hydraulic fittings, cylinders, and firearms.

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