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Viton Rubber Sheets

Sigma International is a pro rubber sheets manufacturer and exporter. Our firm has been catering to the needs of our local and global clients. At our end, we offer to provide Viton rubber sheets and EPDM rubber sheets. We are also a well-known rubber sheets supplier in India. We aim to provide the highest quality rubber sheets.

Our company has large tie-ups with vendors across the country. Hence, we use the best quality raw materials for manufacturing. We also customize products as per our clients need. Our firm not only supplies high quality rubber sheets, but also raw materials. Since it is crucial to use the best raw material. Therefore, all the raw materials are tested before manufacturing.

Our team runs quality checks to ensure the safety of the material. Afterwards, we prepare a sample and run tests on it. Our team analyses the features of the products. Once, the test is complete and discussion is over, we start bulk production.

We are among the leading rubber sheets manufacturers. We have a brilliant team of professionals and industry experts.

They also have vast industry experience. Our team works with precision and accuracy. They know the applications of rubber sheets. So they continuously work hard to provide better services to our client across the globe.

Our team supervise the entire manufacturing process. They run tests and quality checks on the raw materials. Afterwards, they also repeat the quality check process on the sample products. This helps us to analyse our work.

What is Viton Rubber Sheet?

A Viton rubber sheet is another useful industrial component. Basically, it is either a synthetic rubber sheet with a combination of fluoropolymer elastomer. This combination makes Viton rubber durable for many applications. It is perfect for moulding applications.

This material is popular due to its performance. It is essentially used for manufacturing O Ring and other many products. These sheets are ideal to use in various industries. Especially in industrial processes involving chemicals and fuel. It can resist extreme environments.

Due to its high-resistance and performance, it is quite expensive than many other rubber components. However, it is durable and will likely last longer than any other rubber.

Manufacturing Process

A Viton rubber sheet is widely used in different industries. There are two different methods to manufacture Viton rubber sheets. Industries either use injection moulding or compression moulding. In injection moulding, a machine barrel is used to pump heated rubber through it. This heated rubber comes out of a nozzle. Then, it is filled into a mould. The heated rubber fills all the cavities or gaps of the mould. Once it cools down, it forms the desired rubber part. Instead of immediately removing rubber from the mould, it is given some time. This helps the rubber to cure of the process.

On the other hand, compression moulding is quite different. It requires an uncured rubber which has the same shape as the product. It is put into a mould, where two plates compress the rubber. The high pressure from the plates causes the excess rubber to force out. Afterwards, rubber is treated with heat to cure.

At Sigma International, we focus on rendering high-quality rubber and EPDM sheets. We are a leading rubber sheets manufacturer. Our aim is to cater to our local and global clients. We process the orders, avail the raw materials and start manufacturing. Our firm offers fast service and on-time shipping arrival of the products.