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Sigma International caters to various industrial sectors. Our company has emerged as a leading rubber seals manufacturer. Over the years, we have been providing high-quality rubber seals. We are among the most reliable rubber seal manufacturers and exporters.

We have maintained trustworthy business terms with our clients and a worldwide supply chain. Thus, both local and global clients are delighted by our services. We also have a huge client base and customer loyalty. Our firm is an authentic industrial seal manufacturer. Our company provides excellent rubber diaphragm and bush seals.

We have a qualified team of professionals. They are industry experts with vast experience in the rubber industry. Our firm not only supplies high quality rubber seals, but also raw materials. It is crucial to use the best raw material. Our team works efficiently to cater to our client needs.

Rubber Seals

All the raw materials are tested before manufacturing. Our team runs quality checks to ensure the safety of the material. Afterwards, we prepare a sample and run tests on it. Our team analyses the features of the products. Once, the test is complete and discussion is over, we start bulk production.

Our team follows all the guidelines during manufacturing. Our aim is not only to cater to our clients but we also believe in maintaining a healthy business relation. As a leading rubber seals manufacturer, we keep close contact with our vendors across the country to provide quality material everywhere.

Our tight bond helps us fetch safe raw materials. We are among the recognized seal manufacturing companies. Our products are also affordable. We accept bulk orders for manufacturing rubber seals. Our team dedicatedly works on each phase to ensure smooth production. Once we examine the products, we ship and deliver them on-time.

What are Rubber Seals?

Rubber seals are mechanical components, used to prevent any kind of leakage. Rubber seals a gap between two surfaces. Usually, these surfaces are known as mating parts. Rubber seals close the gap between stationary and moving components of the equipment.

This material is ideal for precision bearings for maintaining lubricants in the bearings. At the same time, it also prevents moisture from entering the bearings. Rubber seals are generally known as rubber oil seals, oil gaskets etc.

Different industries prefer different material for rubber seals. These seals perform a variety of tasks. Rubber seals also come in various sizes. This also depends on the capacity of the equipment. These rubber seals fit on different pumps, valves or any other openings.

Vital Roles of Rubber Seal

Since it prevents leakage of lubricating oil, it holds oil in place and ensures there is no leakage. This prevents industrial hazards and ensures oil consumption remains within control. It stops harmful contaminants from leaking. Hence, keeping the parts of equipment safe. At the same time, it helps to lubricate the moving components of machinery.

Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals are also known as chemical seals. These seals are thin and flexible. A diaphragm seal is generally tough in nature and avoids leakage. They are ideal for preventing the transmission of unwanted materials.

Diaphragm seals are made up of totally different materials. Fabrics like Nylon, Rayon, Cotton, Polyester etc forms diaphragms. This rubber-coated fabric provides toughness to the diaphragms. These seals are ideal for flow control applications.

Diaphragm seals are useful in chemical, oil and gas, pump and valve industries. They are usually connected to a process transmitter, pressure gauge or pressure switch. The space between an equipment and diaphragm seal is filled with transmitting fluid. This fluid hydraulically transmits pressure from the seal.

Although, the contact surface between the equipment and diaphragm is large. This helps to ensure accurate pressure measurements.

Bush Seals

Bush seals are one of the famous types of rubber seals. These seals are basically a kind of vibration isolator. So the main purpose of a bush seal is to act as an interface between two surfaces. It is like a buffer and absorbs excess energy that the two surfaces generate.

It helps in smooth but limited movement of two parts. Meanwhile, it minimizes vibration and noise. Rubber bush seal comes in a variety of forms. Besides, rubber bush seals have an internal crush tube. It helps to protect a bush seal from crushing.

Our company is a high-class bush and diaphragm seal manufacturer. We strive for our local and international clients. We are also a recognized oil seal manufacturer company.

Manufacturing Process

Being a rubber seals manufacturer, we have to achieve high precision and harness high-tech machinery. Generally, rubber seals are manufactured from materials like Nitrile rubber, Polychloroprene rubber etc.

A rubber seal is manufactured by forcing the uncured rubber through a die. During this process, rubber is still under heat and pressure. Afterwards, the uncured rubber is vulcanized, i.e. heated. Due to this, a chemical reaction takes place which cures the rubber.

The hardness value of rubber seals is important. On the basis of general guidelines or client specification, we manufacture rubber seals. The thickness, size, harness and other attributes fall accordingly. We customize rubber seals as per customers requirements.

During rubber seals manufacture, the accuracy and quality of tools are equally important. Our company harness the power of high-end tools. According to the specifications, we make tools. This increases the accuracy and level of precision. It is also helpful in completing the orders quickly.

Types Of Rubber Seal

There are different types of raw materials for manufacturing rubber seals:

Nitrile (Buna-N), Silicone, Neoprene, Fluorosilicone, and Urethane


Sigma International is a quality rubber seal manufacturer. We specialize in technical design. We focus on solving sealing problems with our products. If necessary, we also design new products to offer better sealing. Our team works on a number of aspects.

We manufacture in a way so that our products can operate in extreme environments. We are keen to learn more about the rubber industry. At the same time, we also focus on providing the best services and products to our clients.