Rubber Granules

EPDM Granules Supplier

EPDM Granules are the materials in high demand. They are used in many industries for different purposes. Sigma International is an authentic EPDM Granules Supplier and exporter. We supply and export excellent quality EPDM granules to our clients across the globe. Our company offers a variety of colored EPDM Granules fro various flooring purposes.

Technology is our best friend. Hence, we harness its power to supply quality materials. Basically, it helps us to work better and faster. Additionally, we follow all the standard guidelines during manufacturing. Therefore, our products are of high quality. We manufacture to cater to our local and international clients. So, we stick to all the protocols.

We are a leading EPDM Granules Supplier in India as well as abroad. We also offer products at reasonable prices. We aim is to cater to our national and global clients. Our rubber granules are up to the mark. We occasionally revise our guidelines to help us stay connected with our clients for updated requirements. We obviously want the best for our customers. Hence, our team often look for more technical updates. In this way, we stay in touch with industrial updates.

EPDM Granules Supplier

We are among the prime rubber granules manufacturer & supplier. Being in an industrial business, we have to provide quality material. On the other hand, we render excellent products to cater to every client need. Besides this, we consider every possible aspect to meet our client requirements. Different industries use types of rubber granules for different purposes. So our team work hard to manufacture efficient products.

On the contrary, it is vital that the products are safe to use. Therefore, we have a dedicated team for this work. They assure the safety of our raw materials and products. Our excellent team of professionals works rigorously to cater to our clients.

Our team of industry experts tests the raw materials. Once the material is approved, we start production. Afterwards, our team tests the product samples also. Thus, we apply science to ensure product quality and consistency.

We also confirm the specification of the products. Once done, we send away the orders for shipping. As a leading EPDM granules supplier, we focus on every aspect. The raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, and timely delivery.

What are Rubber Granules?

Every year tons of tires are used. But tires are not biodegradable and have a long life. Therefore, the disposal of tires is a very challenging task. Due to this, piles of scrap tires are increasing. To solve this complication, recycling these tires is necessary.

There are multiple ways to reuse scrap tires. In some methods, machines shred scrap tires. Then small pieces of scrap tires are ground. Those tiny pieces are known as rubber granules.

Rubber granules are of different types. At Sigma International, we certainly provide all types of rubber granules.

EPDM Granules.

SBR Rubber Granules.

Crumb Rubber Granules.

Manufacturing Process

There are basically two methods to manufacture EPDM granules. This Ambient Mechanical Grinding and Cryogenic Method. However, ambient mechanical grinding is the most common method. It is basically a multi-step process.

In ambient mechanical grinding, the breaking up of scrap tire takes place. The temperature is either or above the room temperature. This technology involves breaking up tires into shreds, treads, chips or sidewalls. Afterwards, rubber and metal are separated. However, shredding turns scrap tires into chips.

Later the chips are fed into a granulator. It breaks tire chips into small pieces. It also removes steel and fibre in the process. Although, any remaining steel is removed magnetically. Wind sifters and shaking screens remove fibre. Secondary granulators are ideal to achieve fine grinding. However, high-speed rotary mills are also preferable.

Quality Assurance

Sigma International is a leading EPDM Granules Supplier in central India. From the beginning, we use quality control process. It is crucial in order to meet all the important parameters. We focus on the different aspects of the products.

Our aim is to meet the installation requirements. On the other hands, the product should be able to handle harsh weather conditions. Sigma International is a trustworthy name for EPDM granules suppliers. We use safe and reliable raw materials for production. The EPDM rubber granules we supply are manufactured under supervision.

Our team supervise every aspect of manufacturing this material. We also customize the size of granules according to our clients’ requirements. We provide the exact specification.