Metal Bonded

Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Sigma International has been providing a wide range of products and materials. We are one of the leading Rubber Parts Manufacturer. These are the products in high demand. Industrial rubber part and components are useful in engineering applications. 

However, many different industries use these materials. Over the years, we have emerged as a capable manufacturer. Hence, we also supply and export metal bonded rubber parts and components. 

Certainly, we use high-quality rubber and metal for manufacturing. We specifically use Brass and Aluminium. Rubber is famous for its unmatched properties. It is flexible and also very easy to use. On the other hand, metals provide perfect balance and strength. 

Above all, rubber and metal together provide a special type of seal. Basically, a bond of rubber and metal creates a single component. It involves spraying rubber onto a metal substrate. As a result, this bonding adds new functionalities and great strength. 

Types of Rubber Parts

We mainly produce and supply 4 types of Rubber Parts-

Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cups are also known as suction cups. They are used for gripping. They are useful for manual as well as automated handling. Vacuum cups are also secure and have a stronghold. They can lift light and heavy materials.

From bottles to bricks, wooden boards, metals sheets, pipes, and glass windows. However, different applications have different requirements.

They are mainly of two types:

Flat suction cups

Bellows suction cups

We offer high-quality, robust, and secure vacuum cups. Our company manufactures and exports vacuum cups of all varieties.

Rubber Rollers

Rollers are also known as rubber rollers. A rubber of elastic material covers a metal core. Likewise, the rubber may also cover any other material. Rollers have dimensional accuracy and uniform hardness. They are also dynamically balanced and have an excellent surface finish.

There are multiple types of rollers. Some of them are listed below:

Ink Rollers or Printing Rollers

Laminating Rollers

Drive Rollers

Guide or Idler Rollers

Grooved Rollers

Our company offers superior quality rubber rollers. These are useful for material support and transportation.

Rubber Lining on Metal Parts

There has always been a high demand for rubber lining. At Sigma International, we rubber line almost every metal part. When a metal comes in contact with water, corrosion occurs. In order to save metal from corrosion, rubber lining is used.

Thus, it gives excellent corrosion resistance. The metal surface is covered by rubber sheets. The procedure consists of selection of a suitable polymer, surface preparation and primer, Adhesive application, Rubber lining application and curing and lastly, inspection and testing.

Following are some of the types of rubber linings:

Natural Soft Rubber Linings

Hard Rubber Linings

Butyl Rubber Linings

Chloroprene Rubber Linings

Chlorobutyl Rubber Linings

Synthetic Rubber Linings

Hypalon Rubber Linings

EPDM Rubber Linings

Anti-vibration Pads

Anti-vibration pads are specially compounded anti-vibration mats. When heavy machines are used, they generate vibrations. Since the shock can damage anything near to it. So these pads are useful in minimizing those vibrations. Besides, they save from damage.

Since anti-vibration pads also come in different designs and sizes. Therefore we offer custom made anti-shock pads at reasonable prices. For manufacturing, we use superior quality rubber materials.  Following are some of the basic types:

Cylindrical Mounts

Technical Mounts

Levelling Mounts

Bushing Mounts

Conical Mounts