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Gasket Manufacturer

Sigma International is a reputed gasket manufacturer in India. We export superior quality gaskets all over the world. Gaskets manufactured at our end, provide great sealing solutions for every component. Over the years, Sigma International has emerged as a trusted rubber gasket manufacturer.

Our firm is backed by a group of experts having years of experience. They lead the whole manufacturing process. During production, we follow all the global safety standards and protocols. We also practice national and global guidelines.

Top Gasket Manufacturer in Nagpur

We are among the reliable gasket manufacturers PAN India. Sigma International has been serving various industries. We hold the expertise in manufacturing all types of industrial gaskets. We harness the power of technology and machines.

As a leading rubber gasket supplier, our company renders the production of the highest quality gaskets.

On the other hand, we also supply gaskets at market competitive prices. We understand the needs of our clients. Therefore, we also supply customized gaskets as per their requirement. We ensure customer satisfaction through our work.

We are dedicated to offering quality products and services. Also, we make sure that all the products are processed well. Multiple industries from around the world access our products.

Hence, we constantly invest in the latest technology. Our aim is to shelter advanced equipment in order to produce excellent sealing gaskets.

What is a Gasket?

Gasket is a mechanical component used in multiple industries. They are useful to seal gaps between two surfaces. This helps in preventing any kind of leakage. We manufacture products with high precision. As a result, the desired thermal and electrical insulation is achieved.

Sigma International is a prominent gasket supplier and manufacturer. Our company produces a wide range of gaskets. We offer flexible rubber gaskets of all shapes and sizes. Although the appearance also depends on the variety of industries. However, gaskets are commonly used in the automobile industry.

Gasket Manufacturing Process

We manufacture gaskets from flat rubber or die cut metal sheets. Designing plays a vital role in manufacturing. The die cut gaskets can form simple to complex shapes. The manufacturing processes we use are:

Flash Cutting

Hand Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

Compression Molding

On the other hand, gaskets are metallic and non-metallic. The choice of material plays a vital role in the manufacturing process. Depending on the environment, in which it will operate, materials are chosen.

However, synthetic rubber is commonly preferred. It is a group of rubbers including neoprene, viton, silicon EPDM etc.

We Provide The Best Products

As a leading gasket manufacturer, we offer customized gaskets. Hence, we also export custom made gaskets on the basis of the client’s specifications. Despite that, we also offer to customize the texture of gaskets. This helps it to fit well into a connection surface. We provide textures like tapering, grooving, ridging, etc.
Our firm is a well-known gasket manufacturer. Our clients keep their trust in us. Therefore, we carefully work on the production of gaskets. We also use professionally built stamping presses which help us in manufacturing superior quality gaskets.

Sigma International is an authentic and trusted gasket supplier. We offer gaskets that prevent health risks. Our high-quality gaskets prevent chemical contamination.

We also focus on making food-grade gaskets. These are generally used in the food and pharma industries. Hence, we assure the safety level of our products.